General Conditions

THE PRIMAVERA PIANISTICA COMPETITION (scroll down for more information about the course)

Purpose of the competition: The competition aims to select the participants who will perform in the official recitals of the Primavera Pianistica festival. These will take place on the 19th, 21st and 23rd of March and are publicized in local media. There will be one Grand Prize, more information below.

Grand Prize Primavera Pianistica 2019: One participant will be awarded with the Grand Prix. This prestigious prize will consist of one recital in the Kastel D'Ursel Steinway series for the 2019/2020 season. The recital carries a cash award of 1000€ to be paid after the recital, and includes a one night stay in Het Laathof. However, the prize does not include travel arrangements and the winner must do his/her own travel arrangements to Hingene. An invitation can be sent if needed for Visa purposes. A second and third prize will be awarded, with their respective cash prizes.

Date of the competition: There will be two sessions: Monday 18th afternoon and Thursday 21st in the morning. Please note that any participant wishing to perform in the official recitals must compulsorily participate in one of these two dates of competition, otherwise participation in the official concerts will be denied.

Conditions: The competition is open to all students participating in the masterclasses, however, pianists wishing to participate in the competition must pay an extra fee of 25€ for administration costs. This fee is non-refundable in any case. There are no age restrictions.

Repertoire: Every participant must prepare three works: One virtuoso etude by F.Chopin, and two free choice works of contrasting characters/styles, The total timing of all works (including the etude) must not exceed 15 minutes, and the jury reserves the right to hear only part of these works. 

Jury: The jury will consist of our own piano faculty, which is comprised by teachers of international reknown. To know more about the faculty, please look it up on the "professors" section.

Application to the competition: To apply to the competition, simply include a blank paper together with your application form stating your names and the repertoire you have chosen to perform. You can send both by e-mail to Also, the fee of 25€ must be included together with the application money transfer. Any further inquires may be forwarded to the same e-mail address.

The Masterclasses

The deadline for receiving applications, filled and signed, is January 31st, 2019.
As the number of participants is limited, applications will be processed in the order in which they arrive. You can find the application form at the bottom of this site. Applications have to be print out, filled in and sent by e-mail to

Course dates
The lessons will begin on the morning of Monday 18th and will end on the afternoon of Saturday 23rd. Students are encouraged to arrive on Sunday 17th and leave on Sunday 24th to make the most out of our course.

Conditions of participation
There is no age limit for attending the master classes. If you are under 18, you must travel with an official permission stating that you are allowed to travel by yourself under your own responsability.
All costs, including travel, accomodation, as well as visa and health insurance arrangements are the responsability of the students. Official invitations for our course can be given upon request.

During the course, 3 official concerts will take place in the Steinway grand piano of the Kasteel D'Ursel. These are publicized as part of the concert series of the Kasteel D'Urseel. To participate in these recitals, it is compulsory to participate in the piano competition. The professors of the Primavera Pianistica will select the students who will partipate in these official concerts during the piano competition held on Monday 18th and Thursday 21st of March. (note: students will not be offered remuneration for their participation in these concerts).

Furthermore, there will be two "unofficial" concerts on the 20th and 22nd of March, in which any student can participate. Participation in these unofficial concerts is decided strictly in order of application. To apply, simply write an e-mail to stating a free programme of no more than 10 minutes long. Repertoire is selected by the organization committee.

Practice facilities
Due to the remoteness of the location and limited amount of space, the practice facilities are limited to 5 clavinovas to be used with headphones, and 2 upright pianos which are used in turns by every student. In principle, every student has the right to practice 2 hours per day. If possible, more practice time will be allowed when time/space permits.

Each student will receive 3 lessons, each one from a different professor. In the application form you can fill in your preferences, but the students-professor assignments will be processed in order of arrival of the application forms (the sooner you apply, the more chances you have of getting lessons with your main choices). Please name 5 professors of your choice and we will assign three of them according to the schedule possibilities. The schedule of the lessons will be sent by email to the students 1 week before the beginning of the course. All the lessons are open to active and passive students for listening.
The lesson rooms are all equipped with grand pianos in very good condition.

Extra lesson with maestro Luca Rasca
Maestro Luca Rasca from Tomadini Conservatory (Udine, Italy) will be at our course to teach extra master-classes on Thursday 21st of March. If you wish to receive an extra lesson with him, you can specify it in the application form. An extra fee of 50€ applies. See the Teacher/Faculty section in this site for his Curriculum.

Course Fees
Active students (receive lessons): 490€ (including 190€ of application fee)
Passive students (assist all lessons but don't receive lesson): 300€ (including 190€ of application fee)
All costs, including travel, accomodation, as well as visa and health insurance arrangements are the responsability of the students
Piano competition 25€ administration fee, on top of the masterclass fee (both active and passive students may participate in the competition).

All application fees are Non Refundable
Up to 30 days before arrival there are no cancellation fees, except for the application fee.
Up to 15 days before arrival 50 % of the course fee plus application fee.
After 7 days there are 100 % cancellation fees.

Accommodation and Fees
The students will be hosted in a Youth Hostel, called Het Laathof, located in the proximity of the Kasteel d’Ursel. Prices include a bed in a shared room (of three or four people) and three meals per day during your stay.
The average prize for a full one week stay/meals is 240€ in total. For detailed information about prices, please write an e-mail to:

*note: the accomodation must be paid in part together with the fee of the course to the Primavera Pianistica organization. Otherwise the student has to arrange his-her accomodation by him/herself.

The payment charges must be paid by the applicant.
Acount holder: OPUS ARTIS SPRL
IBAN: BE36 2100 8933 9981
It is possible to pay the whole amounts at once, or to pay a deposit of 190€ for the application fee plus 100€ for the accommodation, 290€ total. If the student participates in the piano competition, the total deposit must then be 315€. The rest of the fee must then be paid on the day of arrival at the Primavera Pianistica Office (located at the Het Laathof hostel).
The payments will be not refunded in case of cancellation.

Registration must happen immediately at arrival of the student. Here the rest of the fee will be paid (if applicable) and further information about the course, lessons and practice facilities will be explained. Also they keys to the rooms will be handed out upon registration.

Primavera Pianistica 2019